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ruth Domber: Eyecare Business Magaizine Feature
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FEB 22, 2017 Issue Ruth Domber, eyewear fashion expert of 10/10 Optics New York City, believes the deal could have a positive effect on a luxury boutiques like hers. “I am aware of the merger and as an owner of an independent luxury eyewear boutique, this is not bad news for me, in fact it could be good. When Luxottica started to buy up boutique brands, like Oliver Peoples, it created a forest fire of sorts and made room for the growth of the boutique industry, which has flourished. It created a market and made room for creative artisan eyewear to prosper." She said, “My business prospers because patients are looking for beautiful eyewear, which is the antithesis of mass produced collections. The merger doesn’t worry me and I am looking forward to more artisan brands flourishing. People looking for upscale product that is driven by independents drives more product my way. “People like me won’t touch that mass-produced product, and this fosters growth for the luxury eyewear market,” Domber asserted. “The demand and opportunity for independent luxury, artisan eyewear designers is growing. I haven’t seen this amount of growth in 25 years. Of course, other factors are at play for independents who need to stay on top of their game through marketing and education.''
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      It seems like taking sides and finding out who I voted for is starting to become part of the business conversation that 10/10 Optics patients want to have. Is this happening to you and how do you handle?
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      Happy Chinese New Year Discount! Madison Ave/ 26th Street NYC
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          YOU'RE INVITED! We're honored to announce the launch of 10/10 Optics as the NYC Flagship Boutique for Gold & Wood Eyepieces. Please join us to celebrate this Debut event on April 14th from 11am-6pm at 10/10 Optics NYC. RSVP at:
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            Renowned NYC Image Consultant Carol Davidson is one of our favorite eyeglass addicts! Check out her informative blog post where we share some great eyewear fashion tips. Enjoy and hope to see you soon, Ruth Love At First Sight by Carol Davidson
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              Ortho-K & How It Works - Dr. Stephen Rozenberg, Orthokeratology Specialist
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                Try A Makeover - 10/10 Optics
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