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I have noticed that many a Covid Conversation ends up with the question-What are you watching to help pass the time?   The availability of streamed movies, TV shows, plays, and lectures is great, but I have found that for me, the most consistent form of comforting entertainment has been listening to Music.   Since JFK’s assassination, music has played a major role in helping Americans heal, hope, vent, and escape. The Beatles music brought joy in the winter of 1964 ...
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The Gotham Film Festival featured some short films that featured some great short films that told some great stories. I get to see Fred Klein ooze some joy as the Film Festival becomes an Annual Gotham cultural event.   Tuesday night brought many Gotham members, families, and friends to a wonderful display of young cinematic talent.  This year's Gotham Film Festival's filmmakers certainly know how to tell a story and capture an audience.   The GFF 2013 edition was a breakthro...
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