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White Lotus

White Lotus
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A mystery series can either be a trite disaster or be absorbing.  “The White Lotus” is an HBO series that is scintillating.  The second season of the show is set in a breathtaking resort on Sicily.  Similarly, to last year’s show, the mystery is set in the first episode.


As the series begins, we find out that on the last day of the group’s vacation, bodies are found floating on the beach. The episodes then backtrack to each day of the vacationers trip to the White Lotus in chronological order.  We see the suspects and the victims as they interact, party, bicker, etc. The dozen or so characters are all engaging in their own right.  And after 3 episodes, I am still in the dark about who might be the killer and the victims.


Mike White, the writer and director, has a dark sense of humor and knack for writing great dialogue.  The cast features Jennifer Coolidge, Aubrey Plaza, F. Murray Abraham, and Michael Imperioli (Christoper from the Sopranos.) 


The series will have 7 one hour episodes.  They drop individually on Sunday, so you can catch up or wait till it’s over and binge.


Are you watching the White Lotus?

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