Gotham City Gazette
Gotham City Gazette® - January 2019
Author : John A. Buscarello
For the start of a New Year the first issue of The Gotham City Gazette® with a look at
GOTHAM MAGIC & The Season of Giving!

Gotham City Gazette® - May 2018
Author : John Buscarello
This issue features Gotham's Four Listservs: Politics, Sports, Rock & Films.
A review of: Battle of the Bands© 2018
Winner of the Gotham Green Awards
The Gotham Film Festival

Gotham City Gazette® - December 2017
Author : John A Buscarello
In this issue: "Best of the Gotham Blogs" - We asked each weekly blogger to select their favorite blog! Enjoy!
This is a revised edition that now includes all the bloggers!

Gotham City Gazette® - October 2016
Author : John A. Buscarello
This issue features some essays on recent Gotham City Networking, Inc.® events and happenings: Gotham Mentoring, The LGBTQ Group, The Golf Outing, as well as an interview with Cindy Espinosa-Somma.

Gotham City Gazette® - June 2016
Author : Editor: John A. Buscarello
This issue features some essays on recent Gotham City Networking, Inc.® events - Annual Spring Cocktail Party and the Annual Gotham Battle of the Bands® -- along with an article about The Gotham Book Club®. Enjoy!

Gotham City Gazette®- March 2016
Author : Editor: John A. Buscarello
This issue features a new video "Love in Gotham City Networking, Inc.®" -- Gotham Battle of the Bands® -- and the story we all want to hear: "How Corey met Fred!" And a timely article about Cuba!

Gotham City Gazette© Winter 2015
Author : Ester Horowitz, Editor
March rolled in with a snow storm but also with majority of the cold, bleary, and snowy days behind us. As we look forward to the Spring season, let’s look at what we have accomplished over the winter that made shoveling and traffic snarls seem unimportant.

Gotham City Gazette® - Fall 2014
Author : Ester Horowitz, Editor

Have you ever wanted to be something that you aren’t? Perhaps you have a fantasy avatar that you would love to live out? See what our Gotham Members...

Gotham City Gazette®
Author : Ester Horowitz, Editor
Summer of 2014 Edition

Gotham Story Week
Author : Various
As you know Gotham has a daily blog that you could read on the Gotham homepage. Recently from Sunday, April 20 through Sunday, April 27 the seven Gotham Bloggers: Don Bernstein Rona Gura Nancy Schess Erik Scheibe Ben Geizhals, Fred Klein and Mitch Tobol Engaged in our annual story week.
The concept is that hard-hitting Don Bernstein starts it off and each blogger carries his theme forward in anyway they desire until Don concludes it on the following Sunday.
For those that may have missed some or all of this past Story week we have decided to put out a special edition of the Gazette devoted solely to that story.
Story week 2014 follows...

Gotham City Gazette®, Winter-Spring 2014
Author : Ester Horowitz, Editor
In this issue:
How Vortexed were you? - Spotlight on Gotham Florida and Gotham Boston - Member Spotlight: Jane Bedal buy Shelley Simpson - The Cost of Extreme Commuting by Liz Saldana

Author : The Webmaster
Welcome to the new look of our Gotham City Gazette®. Our intrepid reporters, Ester, Liz and Shelley are on the trail uncovering stories of great networking and networkers. Let us know if you find any news that fits. Gotham on!

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