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Gotham City Gazette®, Winter-Spring 2014
April 2014
Author : Ester Horowitz, Editor

How Vortexed were you? Gotham members managed to survive the polar vortex that refused to leave even as Spring arrived.

The Vortex
Snow Bird
Most fortunately, I missed all of the big storms while vacationing in Key West. I empathized with everyone who suffered in the snow and cold. I was conscious of the obligation of feeling guilty, but in the end I did not. Fred Klein, Founder, Klein, Zelman, Rothermel, Jacobs, and Schess.
An Anonymous Angel
I managed to shovel the snow by myself each and everytime it accumulated. I looked at is as exercise so I wouldn’t feel guilty not showing up for classes later. About 2/3 of the way into the season, an anonymous neighbor came by plowing out 1/3 of my work. I found out who he was and anonymously left him a hand-carved picture frame by his door to thank him. Gotham’s mantra is that it is better to give than receive. Since I was the recipient of an anonymous gift, I turned around and shoveled out someone else that couldn’t either of course anonymously. Ester Horowitz, GC Meadowbrook, member of Healthcare, Compliance Inc.

A Car in Winter
On a cold Sunday morning, with snow still on the streets, I slept comfortably under three blankets with a pillow over my head. Unbeknownst to me, my neighbor had been awakened at 7 am by the sound of a car alarm. Mine. He looked out his bedroom window and saw my car parked across the street, where I kept it for easy egress since it is the only one of my vehicles with snow tires. My neighbor, I'll call him Amos,  saw my headlights flashing, as they are designed do when the alarm sounds, so he knew the sound was coming from my car. And he saw behind my car  a white car unknown to the neighborhood. Amos, taking a page from Larry David and Seinfeld,  frequently calls me to talk about nothing, called neither me nor the police. Instead, he went back to sleep.

At 11 am, my wife went outside to get Sunday edition of the NYTimes, but she only took a few steps before she burst back into to house: "Come outside, you won't believe what happened to your car!!"  Knowing that it could not be good news, I dejectedly shuffled outdoors to look at my baby -  the left rear had been smashed, the bumper was in pieces, the taillight was broken and had come loose out of its socket and the sheet metal crumpled into an unrecognizable shape.  I was crushed, and felt even worse when Amos told me he had heard the alarm, seen the offending vehicle and went back to bed.
Oh well, I thought, that's why I pay good money to Chubb. And back into the house I went.

Two hours later I heard frantic knocking at the front door. "You won't believe what just happened to your car," said my wife. I was getting tired of this chorus, but nonetheless walked slowly into the cold. And to my amazement, behind my baby, stopped halfway into the street, was the SUV belonging to a neighbor, unfortunately NOT Amos. A quick glance at my baby, and I had to smile: The neighbor had just crashed into the back of my baby, and she took out the right taillight and the bumper underneath.

And all the while, I had not even moved the car!!  What are the odds of getting such a two-fer? And on a clear, dry Sunday morning?

Much to my regret, I was unable to attend Joanne Klein’s art show.
So, what's the morale of the story? Dear reader, enlighten me. Please. - Richard G. Klein member of Israeloff Legal.

Spotlight on our distance groups
Gotham Florida
It was a dark and stormy night...actually it was a beautiful sunny warm winter's day, February 6th, for a ride up the Florida KFloridaeys from Key West to Fort Lauderdale and back. At the worst, it's always good to get off the rock, because it makes me appreciate this Island more, at the best, It was 9 hours sitting next to and getting to know Fred Klein and getting to know first hand that which is the Gotham City Network. Fred and I were off to the meeting of the South Florida group for their monthly get together.

I met Fred down here in Key West and was very impressed with what he told me
about the network. I thought I couldn't offer much, except a rose or two to smell with my photos of the week, to infuse some diagonal lines into an otherwise very linier organization. I'm like that. And to my surprise my first book of photos is about to be published by one of our members, Joel Chadabe and his company Intelligent Arts, though I shouldn't be surprised, after all this is Gotham City Network.

The ride was no problems and good conversation. The keys are so beautiful and Fred and I are interesting fellows with some good stories. We arrived an hour early at Champps, where 595 and 95 meet, despite the traffic, oy the traffic. Fred proceeded to find out our barmaid was a business student and invited her to drop by the meeting after her shift, which she did. Shortly, Robert Esposito, who is co chair of this group, arrived, a very fine fellow. We conversed, sipped a bit of wine and headed off to the side room for our meeting.

A rectangular table with chairs all around, and slowly the participants arrived, Introductions, greeting, and business card passings amongst members and their guests. I was very impressed with the diversity and proficiency of this group of 28 people, there would have been more but these are busy people. Once seated, and starting with Fred, we all stood and spoke as to who we are and what we do. Fred spoke elegantly, historically, and humorously. Next was Robert, then Richard Gaines, the other co chair and then around the table. There were contacts made and more business cards passed, and then a good dinner was had by all.

It was good meeting, informative, and too short. Fred and I had to be back on the road to get back to Key West before 1:00. That's when Fred and I turn back into laid back Island guys, walking barefoot on the beach while humming Warren Buffet tunes, Key West is a very strange place. The ride home is always seemingly shorter and made even shorter still by the fact that Key West was our destination. And one day when we have a chapter here you can all come down for one of our monthly meetings. February is a good month.

Gotham Boston
Get to Know the Boston Members of the Tribe By Dan O'Sullivan,
Did you know Gotham Networking has two outposts in Massachusetts? Gotham Boston broke ground up here in 2008, followed by Gotham 128 in 2011. While we don't have the interesting variety of groups that exist in NYC (we're looking at you, Lefty Group), we're working on it.

A quick introduction to our groups: Gotham Boston has 16 members and meets the second Thursday of each month for breakfast or lunch in downtown Boston or Wellesley. Gotham 128 has nine members and shares lunch on the second Thursday of the month at various locales west of the city. Most observers agree that the men of Gotham 128 are better looking than their Gotham Boston counterparts, but really, who's to say? (Your move, Gotham Boston!)

A few of us Bostonians have had the chance to ride the circuit in NYC and have appreciated the warm welcome we've received. If you're ever up our way, please take the opportunity to let us return the favor. (Selfishly, come to a Gotham 128 meeting — we order the best sandwiches west of the city!)

To contact our groups, email Jerry Facey, Gotham Boston GC, at, or Becky Blackler, Gotham 128 GC, at
We wish you the best in making it through this stormy, never-ending winter.

Jane BedallMember Spotlight:
Jane Beddall 
by Shelly Simpson

Writing for the Gazette gets more interesting every month. Jane Bedall has found a way to incorporate her education, experience and passion for helping others and have it dovetail - coincidentally the name of Jane's company - in a way that makes the world a less contentious place. Like a dovetail joint Jane is a perfect fit for Gotham.

What is something that nobody in Gotham knows about you?
Despite my chosen profession, I refuse to “give peas a chance”; I really don’t like them.

What is your favorite pet's name? What would you name that pet now if you could name it over again and why? Togo. Our dog is named after Nancy Drew’s dog and a heroic lead sled dog in the 1925 serum run to Nome (basis of Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.) Togo had the harder leg, but Balto got the fame.

If you had a slash career, what would you be doing? Mediator/Speaker

What is your favorite word? Friend

If they made a movie about you, who would play you? Meryl Streep

What is your favorite junk food? Almost anything with lots of salt, crunch, and some grease. Cheese flavor is an added bonus.

What is your favorite mode of public transportation and why?
Ferries. Almost always, a ferry has taken me somewhere I have never been before.

What would you like to be remembered for? Kindness

What is your favorite NYC site? Grand Central Terminal, for the mix of people: some hustling through to somewhere more important, others in a happy reunion, and still others starstruck by the place itself.

What is your favorite cartoon character and why? The Pink Panther: a very cool cat, with his own theme song, surrounded by an array of interesting characters.
What is your dream vacation? Seeing the Northern Lights someday

What is the sound you would like to hear when you wake up in the morning? What I often hear: Togo softly woofing for permission to jump on the bed and then convince me to get up.
What sound would soothe you to sleep? The most boring white noise possible (I welcome all the help I can get to turn off the brain), probably a fan.
Who is your favorite performer? Ricky Jay, stage magician and sleight-of-hand expert. Saw an astonishing and unforgettable performance by him in a small theater a while back.
If you were a color, what would it be? Blue

Living (and Working) in New York City
The Cost of Extreme Commuting by Liz Saldana

Lis Saldana
For this issue of the Gotham Gazette, I decided to change the title of my column to address an issue that plagues many Gotham members: Extreme Commuting.

Extreme commuting is typically defined as work trips taking 90 minutes or more each way; and it’s said that one in eight workers in Manhattan is an "extreme commuter." How much time do you spend commuting? What are the costs in time, money and quality of life?

In a previous career I commuted from NYC to Stamford, CT. Initially, my commute was spent on a Metro-North train and a shuttle to the office. When the company eliminated the shuttle, I started driving. At the time it made sense as taking a public bus from the Stamford train station to the office added another 45-60 minutes to each trip. Bad weather and traffic increased the time I spent commuting, rising commuting costs (including staying in hotels when it wasn’t possible to get home) hit my wallet and my quality of life suffered.

Fast-forward to a new job closer to home and my world changed. Walking to work (except during exceptionally bad weather) made me healthier, virtually eliminated my commuting costs, and gave me more time both at the office and for my personal life. I had never before realized the toll extreme commuting took on my life.

Is extreme commuting affecting you? If so, there are solutions that don’t require leaving your job (unless you want to). Here are a few options:
  • Would changing your mode of travel (from car to train, for example) be better for you?
  • Is it possible to work from home one or two days a week?
  • Would a change in work hours to avoid traffic help?
  • Is having pied-a-terre near your office an option?
Take a few minutes to ask yourself if your commute affects your business and, more importantly, your personal life. If so, make a change. Both you and your business will benefit from a more productive, healthier and happier “you”.

Welcome to the Tribe
Michael Dragone           Integrated Group LLC                           NY Real Estate
STEPHEN PERCUDANI Presti & Naegele                                          NY Real Estate
David Rubin, Esq.          Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe                NY Real Estate
Jeffrey Eichner               Strategic Financial Group LLC                      NY Real Estate
Marc Karell                     Climate Change &Environmental Services              NY Real Estate
Nina Krauthamer. Esq.   RUCHELMAN, PLLC                                                     NY Real Estate
ARTHUR GOLDSTEIN      Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP                     NY Real Estate
ERIC BRECHER                 City National Bank 1031 Exchange                           NY Real Estate
JEFFREY SIMON               Jeffrey Simon Architecture & Design        NY Real Estate
KENNETH VOLANDES     Mavrides, Moyal & Associates                    NY Real Estate
SERSARAY BASARIR       Citi Habitats                                                NY REAL ESTATE
AL CAVA                          MILROSE CONSULTANTS, INC.                    Fairchester RE
OTTO GOENCZ               Business Information Technology Svcs    Fairchester RE
JEFFREY EICHNER           Strategic Financial Group LLC                       Fairchester RE
TOM LYNCH                    Adtech Systems                                                            FAIRCHESTER RE
BRYAN TUNNEY              Sotheby's International Realty                    FAIRCHSTER RE
Jemal Stephen Carter    New York Life Insurance                                             Downtown
Christopher Foreman    HUB International NE                                      New Haven
Deeandra Hardy             Regus                                                                     Formica I
Philip Sinagra                  Forever Green                                                   Suffolk
Michael Higgins              Hall-Lane Moving & Storage                       Suffolk
Jennifer M. Maloney, Esq. Tellus Abstract, Inc                                               Suffolk
Wendy K. Goidel             Goidel Law Group PLLC                                  Suffolk
Chris Soto                        VJ Technologies                                                           Suffolk
RENEE SOJCHER               WellHealth, LLC                                                  SUFFOLK
DOUG DaCOSTA              Transworld Business Advisors                     SUFFOLK
PAUL CATALDO               Paul Cataldo Architecture & Planning       SUFFOLK
DARIN IOCABELLI            Nawrocki Smith LLP                                                  SUFFOLK
PETER DeVILBISS              Freedom Boat Club                          SUFFOLK
ALISA J. GEFFNER, ESQ  .Samuelson Hause& Samuelson, LLP                        SUFFOLK
DENNIS LOMBARDI         Total Restoration Inc.                                      SUFFOLK
PETAR KURIDZA              Morgan Melhuish Abrutyn                          Northern NJ
DANIEL HOCHLER            Forest Hills Financial Group                           Young Pros
ROBERT PIRSON              M & T Bank                                                              Young Pros
CHRISTOPHER ECK          Berkow, Schechter & Company LLP                         CT Dinner Group
KAREN HAAS                   CertaPro Painters                                                 CT DINNER Group
SHARON AKS                   Simply Financials Plus                                      CT DINNER
WILLIAM TENNANT                         William Tennant LLC Attorney at Law      FAIRFIELD
ALEXANDRA N. COHEN  Law Office of Alexandra N. Cohen, LLC   DINNER GROUP
ALAN KREIT                                        Citibank                                                                                DINNER GROUP
EMMANUEL BIRC                             Goldhaber Research Associates                                EXPERT WITNESS
DOUGLAS B. KENNEY     Bank Data Bank Consultants                        EXPERT WITNESS
JEAN ANN PECK                                Union Office Interiors                                    BOSTON
LINDSAY GERHARDT       Barry Communications                                  BOSTON
SUSAN H. DEPACE                           Depace Insurance & Financial SERVICES FLORIDA
MICHAEL G. SMITH                         Tiger Electrical Service, Inc.                          EAST END
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