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Gotham City Gazette® - October 2016
October 2016
Author : John A. Buscarello

Gotham City Networking, Inc.'s® Mentoring Program

by Janet Sullivan


Gotham’s Mentoring program is one of its finest offerings and I am in a position to endorse it.


Originally conceived of as a mentor/mentee set up, Gotham soon saw the strength and power of the peer relationship.

For several years now, I have had the pleasure of meeting on a regular basis with John Buscarello, a fellow Gothamite. John & I became mentors after being paired by Fred & Flo many years ago.

Each pair meets as often or infrequently as they decide, it is an opportunity to talk about any aspect of one’s profession and to receive the often fresh insights of your co-mentor who is usually in a completely different field than you are so can offer the prospective of a friend and even of a potential customer, someone who can look at what you are offering from the outside in.

John is an interior designer and I am a licensed psychoanalyst and musical therapist…totally unrelated, yet over the years we have not only helped each with business strategies, we have become friends. We continue to meet regularly – sometimes as mentors, and sometimes as friends.


Gotham’s Mentoring program is free great benefit, with no set structure. It’s useful and friendly. I urge you to try it.



An Interview with Cindy Espinosa-Somma

By John A. Buscarello


Cindy Espinosa-Somma, the 2014 Red Bandana winner - Gotham’s Hero Award – is a true champion. In June 2011, Cindy donated her kidney to her cousin. At that time, Cindy had a feeling that she would be a medical match to her cousin, but as a mother, she struggled with the decision ultimately realizing that she would hope someone else would come forward to help her children, should the need ever be required. She went forward with the donation.


Cindy said it was such an unexpected honor to win this award! She had always been moved watching Welles’ story – she will never forget it. To be appreciated in such a fashion was amazing to her, because this was such a personal decision.

1. What is something that nobody in Gotham knows about you?

“ I have a burning desire to learn sign language. Why? Maybe the silence - communicating with out mouth.”

2. What is your favorite pet's name?

“Hägar – the comic character,” her stepfather is Norwegian.

3. Aside from a dog, cat or bird what pet would you like to have?

“A Monkey”

4. If you could be other than human, what other part of nature would you be?

“A Breeze – it’s always welcome & never bothersome.”

5. If you had a slash career, what would you be doing? For example lawyer/ballerina?

“A Detective.”

6. Hobbies?


7. What is your favorite word?


8. If they made a movie about you, who would play you?

“Penélope Cruz”

9. If you had one wish what would it be?

“I’d like to remove the stigma of mental illness.”

What is your favorite mode of public transportation and why?

“An Airplane”

What would you like to be remembered for?


What is your favorite quotation?

“Promise yourself to live your life as a revolution and not just a process of evolution.”

What is your favorite NYC site?

“Waldorf Astoria at Christmas Time!”

What is your favorite cartoon character and why?

“Scooby Doo”

What is your dream vacation?

“in Santorini”

What is your favorite book?

“100 Years of Solitude”

What is the sound you would like to hear when you wake up in the morning?

“Ocean Waves”

What sound would sooth you to sleep?

“Ocean Waves”

Who is your favorite performer?

“Billy Joel”

If you were a color, what would it be?

“Light Blue”

What is your favorite aspect of Gotham?

“All things Fred!….good & bad….”



Adieu to Gotham City Networking, Inc.'s® LGBTQ Group

by Laraine E. Schwarz, Esq.


Many years ago, circa 2002, a friend brought me to the second meeting of a newly formed Gotham Group. When they asked for a volunteer to be secretary (pre group coordinator position) my friend raised my hand. And thus began a wonderful journey with a group of folks, who became family (as you all know our Gotham way), all these years. Too many have passed to the other side, too many have gone off to find brighter pastures. But a few hard core have stuck it out. We once numbered 25 members, and slowly the numbers have dwindled. It is with much regret that we are closing the book on Gotham LGBTQ, for now. Thanks to Gotham and Fred for being open at a time when open was not so typical, until now when marriage equality is law of the land and we in NYC are integrated in our society. See you all soon, hugs, Lari

When asked why she thought the group was disbanding Lari replied:

"As to why the group is folding, maybe because we are out and accepted, maybe because other groups like out professionals are available. maybe maybe maybe.  I don't know if it is just that we are more integrated....."

Come help this group celebrate it's final meeting:

November 9th - 12:30 pm at the Friars!




Gotham City Networking, Inc.'s® Golf Outing 2016 – Lobster, Laughter, Liquor and, of course, GOLF!

By Victoria Robert Drogin, Esq. &

Corey Bearak



It seems that every year the Gotham Golf outing gets better!

This year was fabulous! Warm, fun and relaxed, we started with a lavish breakfast buffet featuring an omelet station, smoked salmon, great salads, bagels and spreads. Perfect kick off! The driving range and putting greens, always top notch, gave everyone a chance to warm up, pick up some tips and network with other golfers.

The format was scramble/ best ball, and great caddies made it effortless and kept all the foursomes moving. Paul and I had the pleasure of continuing our tradition of golfing with Fred, and the course was beautiful, despite the heat. (“Sprinkler-golf” anyone?? Fred holds the current record at 9!) Snacks, fresh fruit and cold beer and soda were available throughout, and delicious cook-out lunch on the course with juicy burgers, hot-dogs, grilled sausage and chicken sandwiches with summer tomatoes, hit the spot.

For serious golfers, the course was challenging and rewarding – and for those with less experience, it was a great way to gain some experience in a fun, low-stress setting. Enthusiasm over expertise! And Fred gave new meaning to “driving the green!!” ;)

There was a clinic for new golfers this year which got great reviews, and the club grounds, facilities and beautiful locker-rooms were available all day to enjoy. (Although I can’t say I’ve seen the men’s locker even though apparently that’s where my locker was assigned this year!!)

And goody-bags, sponsorships at each hole, as well as for carts, meals and other amenities and aspects of the day gave an opportunity for serious business exposure and brand development.

After playing all day, the (arguably) best part was the cocktail party and dinner! Mounds of chilled lobsters, huge shrimp, oysters, and clams welcomed us into the cocktail hour. Great hot hors d’oeuvres, top notch open bar, and a fabulous silent auction, all lead to great mixing and mingling before sitting down to a scrumptious dinner which included ribs, seafood stew, a great carving station, salads and desserts that made your eyes roll!

All of our committees did an amazing job – and as for the Raffle, this was the first time I’ve ever won! There were awards for longest drive and closest to the line, and many winners of great prizes of cash and gift certificates – and the opportunity to bid on a table at Rao’s for charity.

All in all, a warm and wonderful evening where everyone got to visit with friends and make new contacts. Best testimonial came from Paul’s son (my step-son) Derek Napolitano, a Mercy Business Honors finance student, who golfed for the very first time. He said “If this is networking, it’s AWESOME!” SCORE!!


Photos - Photos - Photos -- to see photos of the outing click on this link:

Please join us next year at one of the best events Gotham has to offer. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Victoria Robert Drogin, Esq.
Mercy College School of Business
Executive Director
Women’s Leadership Institute
Professor of Organizational Leadership



Lazy Day at the Pool

A select few chose the pool option.

This correspondent eschewed the golf green for the water blue.

Got in some nice swimming and some fun chatting with fellow bathers (outside the pool since I chose the deep water option) and some early refugees from the greens.

Adjacent to the pool, several men and women took advantage of the pleasure and relief afforded by our masseuse for the day. Observed no complaints.

And we all later retired to the cocktail party. And I'll share my state secret: the pool lies adjacent to the evening gathering and offers it own modest facilities which makes getting ready for the eve rather convenient.



Gotham Golf Thank yous

Gotham extends a special THANK YOU! to the Sponsors of 2016

Gotham Annual Bob Formica Golf Outing sponsored by BrainLink:

Title Sponsor: Raj Goel/ Brainlink

Golf Balls: The Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust

Dinner: Klein Zelman Rothermel Jacobs & Schess (Fred Klein & Nancy Schess)

Caddy Sponsor: Frenkel & Co. (Bruce Swicker)

Golf Carts: Phoenix Public Adjusters (Jason Greenberg)


Silver: Hub International (Mike Zeldes)

Silver: Verna Law, P.C. (Anthony M. Verna III, Esq.)

Hole in One: John Gallin & Sons (Tom Gallin)

Entertainment: Corey Bearak/ Strategic Public Policy

Breakfast/ Brunch Sponsor: (Nawrocki Smith LLP (Darin Iacobelli

Lunch Station (1): Pegalis & Erickson (Annamarie Bondi-Stoddard)

Lunch Station (2): Minuteman Press Bellerose (Scott Levine)

Driving Range: 5th Street Advisors (Cesar Manent)

Putting Green Sponsor: Nice Laundry (Ricky Choi)

Goody Bags: Two Sons Environmental/ Paul Napolitano

Valet Parking: Maureen Formica

Gotham event Sponsorships and Gotham website ads offer excellent and cost effective means to increase your visibility in our tribe and enhance your brand awareness and visibility in our tribe.

Reach out to Corey Bearak to explore what makes for you/your firm.

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