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So it's  summer time during COvid. Where do you take your grandaughter and her parents? Can't go on a cruise. Won't go on an airplane. Won't go to a hotel or eat in restaurants. So we decided to rent a motorhome and go to a campground. Since we owned motorhomes years ago I was pretty familiar with the operation and driving.   i found a rental company in Pennsylavania and a campground about 2 hours away  so that we could stay in one place for the week.   We picked up the vehic...
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I was asked to guest blog for our webmaster Mitch today, so I decided to let the world know something about him and see how it relates to everyone.   For the past 36 years Mitch and the same friend have met for lunch every Friday. They never miss it unless one of them is out of town.   It got me to thinking about certain things we do on a regular basis that always take precedence. For example, I have been playing golf every Friday with basically the same people for longer th...
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Most people think that a star is someone who has talent, fame, fortune etc. Yesterday I changed my opinion. While paying a condolence call to Gotham’s cofounder Nancy. Schess, I saw her daughter Jackie. I hadn’t seen her since her high school days when Nancy used to bring her to Gotham events, and also when she ran the Oratorio event a few years ago. Most everyone knows she goes to Yale, (speak to Nancy, the proud mama, for five minutes and you will certainly know). But...
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I was asked to guest blog today on any subject of my choosing. Since we are coming close to Passover and I was gathering my “eight minute Hagadahs” for the seder I remembered a passage where they described different types of children; the wise, wicked, simple, and ignorant. This led me to think about different kinds of networkers as I see them.   THE GIVER- This person is the first to go out of his way to help someone, either by making an introduction or sharing his knowledge...
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