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I usually discuss song playlists in blogs contemporaneously to an event the group of tunes relate with -- the holidays, new years, sweethearts days, some political events.  I recently viewed the playlists I posted to my website and YouTube and counted a dozen.  All of mirrored in my Apple Music.  What surprised me involved the presence of additional lists om Apple Music that I never created YouTube playlists for -- perhaps a new rainy (or snow (if it ever does so a lot) day project.

These are the lists I post on my website (and may be found in Apple Music and on YouTube:

Doin' Fine (a song list to help us -- aimed at anyone needing healing, created & verified March 15 2020; updated 2022-12-11)

Happy Holidays in song (posted first December 2015; updated 2022-12-27)

New State of Our Union playlist (first posted January 24, 2021)

Rain Songs (first posted July 12, 2020)

Songs for the Road (first posted March 8, 2020; updated 2021-12-25)

Songs of Love (first posted January 2, 2017; updated 2022-12-25)

Songs to Inspire (first posted October 29, 2017; updated 2020-05-25)

Songs To Ring In The New Year (first posted for New Year 2013, updated & verified 2022-12-25)

State of DisUnion playlist (first posted February 5, 2019; updated & renamed 2021-02-13)

The Eyes Have It playlist (first posted December 19, 2020)

Time playlist (first posted 2022-03-05)

Train Tunes playlist (first posted 2020-03-01)


Playlists only available (for now) in Apple Music include:

Horn Songs

Dylan covers

Dylan covers by The Byrds


I can choose any of the above when I find myself in the mood, rather than turn to an album.  


Do you have your own playlists?  What fills them?


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