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A Show returns

A Show returns
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Last week Shelly and I joined some good friends Rita and Mike for a "Fauda: Screening & Discussion" at The Streicker Center of Temple Emanue-El in Manhattan.  Not only a chance to view the first episode of Season 4 before it "dropped" on Netflix this past Friday, but an opportunity to enjoy a Q&A after the viewing with series co-creator Avi Issacharoff and star Lior Raz (who plays lead character Doron Kavillio).  

Fauda means 'chaos' in Arabic; it first debuted on Israel's Yes network in 2015; Netflix picked it up and it subsequently streamed worldwide.

Shelly and I enjoyed the first three seasons; it remains among a handful of shows that we make "appointment viewing" to watch together.  We eschew binge viewing and so far viewed two more episodes at home.

Not giving away the plot here (check out the trailer) but we highly recommend the show.  

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