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10.21.2018 (1954 days ago)

place of assembly

place of assembly
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After basketball I chatted with Joe who plays (well but) intermittently of late about Shelly’s plans for me. He teased – perhaps he meant it – that I’d be spending hours putting together a chaise she purchased and arrived earlier this week – in three boxes. Yesterday morning before ball, Shelly started to open the boxes. I joined in. I suggested spreading a blanket over the wood floor in what once Jonathan enjoyed as his room. We took all the components apart, out of the boxes and plastic. Over breakfast before heading out to play I studied the instructions.


A conversion to sitting and makeup room officially started that afternoon.

After ball I enjoyed a brief lunch where I studied the instructions a second time. I then headed upstairs to perform some magic. Shelly said installation took just over 90 minutes.


Next up, a chair for my den/ office space that arrived ahead of Shelly’s piece but I was in no hurry to assemble. It took a bit longer as some holes offered some interesting alignments but persistence paid off.


Finally, the piece de resistance. My den includes a double recliner. One side, more frequently used, need some “repair” and I wanted to get it done. It required some special ingenuity; I enjoy a good feeling when I get to play “MacGiver.”

Part of the reason the other two projects occurred involved a need to wait for the oil heat service. A valve needed replacement; we expected service as per appointment in the afternoon. Nevertheless the actual occurred much later. Stuck home, it also made some sense to focus on dissembling (breaking up and disposing of) the cardboard containers. Productive one might say. I say Special Care. And live.

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