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10.28.2018 (1389 days ago)

Full Circle

Full Circle
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The Noreaster caused some concern here going into this weekend. I looked forward to the disposition of many cans of paint that accumulated over several years in the shed, and various closets in my home. Ditto for the remnants of electronic – three laptops and a few external keyboard represented all that remained after taking advantage of various electronic recycling opportunities in Queens. I wondered whether the weather would cancel the Queens Safe Disposal Event at Cunningham Park in Fresh Meadows. Luckily, it went on as advertised.


Generally I like to attend these busy events at the start; the tend to get busy. But morning basketball called so I needed to load up my car in the afternoon and head over to the park. I exited the Grand Central at Francis Lewis Boulevard expecting to use the turnaround on the north bound (east side) of the boulevard to enter the parking lot. I saw a line of car on the southbound (west) side extending around the corner on Union Turnpike. It made we wonder about access to the park and the Safe Disposal Event via my intended route. I proceed around and under the boulevard to the parking lot entrance and see one car waiting at the stop sign. I also see a line of cars across the way heading to the disposal event. A police officer directing traffic seems to ignore that car (and mine); I muse whether I need to exit and get at the end of some very long line.


Queens Safe Disposal location[notice the map “discloses” my route underneath the boulevard)

We wait. Finally the officer waves us to proceed and we get in queue. A wait still ensues. Of course I play music the entire time; it certainly soothed during these waits. The selection: a playlist. Some years back, Gotham’s entertainment chair and professional entertainer and provider of same and more for your event empowered me to develop a playlist for a June 9, 2014 Gotham Spring Cocktail Party. I saved the list in my iTunes: 43 songs running just shy of three hours. I used the playlist later for a ride to and from our dinner engagement. What comes around goes around.....

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