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01.12.2020 (993 days ago)

first use

first use
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Had some friends over yesterday. The “gathering” centered around the need to review and update some membership records in my home Knights of Pythias Lodge. Since Bob needed to come in from New Jersey, the original plan was he’d come with his wife who’d join my wife for some shopping. The plans grew to include two other couples. Dinner was to follow. Interestingly, the girls just chose to socialize; their call. Bob and I completed our work rather efficiently so my office which also doubles as my “space,” became a site to watch the playoffs with two other fellow Pythians, also good friends. I realized this was the first time that this space actually got used to hang with friends. The office use, including meetings, predominated since its latest “redevelopment” a few years back. I peaked later at what I wrote about this time last year. It involved my wife’s conversion of our son’s former bedroom into her “She Shed.” I found it coincidental that my first social use of my space (pic at left only show floor and the storage space Shelly provided.)  occurred around the anniversary of writing that blog.

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