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09.20.2022 (524 days ago)

Yet Another Pandemic Shift

Yet Another Pandemic Shift
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Has anyone else notice that stores are not stocked the way they used to be?


I have been trying to fill in with a few pieces of clothing for the upcoming season. This is a sort of ordinary and regular tradition.  Frankly, when we did school clothes shopping with the kids it was always an excuse for me to buy something new too. You know, hopping on the bandwagon.


I don’t buy school clothes for my grown children anymore, but the season of buying has stuck.


These days, I’ve noticed that store shelves are sparsely stocked – but the same store’s online experience is vastly differently. 


I have never really been the most ardent fan of online shopping. I need to feel the clothing and try it on. How do you really pick a size from a screen? And of course, for years my unreturned returns would stack up in the corner of my dining room, in the end just costing money.


The pandemic changed me. I remember that first online shop for a stack of sweatpants and leggings as we were hunkering down for a few weeks of  comfortable working. Hah! That was a joke.


But shopping full wardrobe in front of a computer is not the same.

I miss the in store experience and I am hoping it returns soon.

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