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09.27.2022 (68 days ago)

Puppy Love

Puppy Love
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I am pretty sure I’ve written a variation of this blog before, but I am even more smitten now, so I am writing it again.


About six months ago, my grand puppy came into our family as a rescue.  He is a brown Labrador mix with just the sweetest eyes.  While it takes him a little time to relax, once he knows you, you can’t miss all of that boundless energy, humor and affection mixed with just the right amount of slobber.  He lives in DC with my daughter and her boyfriend.


So, time for a road trip! We spent this weekend with my grand puppy as we all converged on my son’s apartment in Virginia.  It was a wonderful weekend with both of our kids and their significant others celebrating our holiday together.  We had fun – and 11 pounds of brisket.  If you guessed that there were lots of leftovers, you would be very correct. 


But we also had concentrated puppy time, which brings me back to where I started. I am a little obsessed with this puppy.


Can anyone else out there in Gotham land empathize with me? 

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