What plans

What plans
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This time of year, I usually look to gather lists of summer concerts, many free, to recommend. Not this year. Often, the discussions about music involve what great show got canceled, postponed or rescheduled. Not sure how many texts and emails I’ve exchanged with my friend Jason about changes involving shows planned at Jones Beach this year. We’ve talked about things such as drive-in concerts – not something either one of us consider an acceptable option; a drive-in movie involves a different experience; I read about the Long Island Amphitheatre in Brookhaven planning drive-in shows. The facility is so beautiful for a summer show and I cannot envision a shlep out east to view a concert from the parking lot away from the beautiful grounds. Might as well hold such a show in Citifield.


But really the concert experience involves more than the music; sharing it with the performers who feed off your applause; smiling with and high-fiving other fans when that special note or song or vocal hits (Sounds like that clutch hit or great fielding play at a ball game at the aforementioned home of the NY Mets.).


I can watch a great concert on my television screen, stream them and pull out concert LPs, CDs or mine my Apple Music collection. My music video bookmarks involve a number of live performances, including entire shows I attended. I enjoy the experience of the replay; but seeing that artist live again later the next time in town make for a better experience most times. Yesterday I chatted with my friend Paul (not the Gotham member) about how the last show I’ve seen – on March 10 (50thAnniversary of the Allman Brothers) – could be the last one I attend through the end of 2020.



In January I booked West Side Story, Rod Stewart, Steely Dan/Steve Winwood, Hall & Oates/Squeeze, John Fogerty; the following month James Taylor/Jackson Browne, The Laid Back Festival (Steve Miller/Brian Wilson). Last fall I book three hows for last weekend for Richie Furay; two at My Father’s Place and the finale – planned as the Farewell to regular touring at SOPAC.


The SOPAC show is now scheduled for the end of September (is that too soon?); My Father’s Place emailed it hopes to re-schedule its show; as Richie sings, “We’ll see.”


Laid Back is canceled. We were given a choice of a refund or a credit 150 percent of the ticket price towards future purchases. What would you do? Money back or a bonus?


In a previous blog I shared the postponement of the Fogerty concert at the Kings Theatre. At the end of last month, an email arrived advising of a refund the end of this month (not yet received) or beginning of next month.


I already know my plans for July 10 and 11 – in 2021: James Taylor/Jackson Browne on the Saturday eve and Steely Dan/Steve Winwood the next night (Sunday).


The refund for West Side Story remains in progress (that could be a blog in and of itself just discussing the route of the tickets to secure the expected refund.).


No word yet on the August Rod Stewart and Hall & Oates/ Squeeze shows.


And besides the shows, a number of charity events I looked forward to supporting got canceled.


And of course some baseball games that will not include fans like me (and some of you).


And a number of other plans probably remain in flux.


But we got our health; and that mean we can make plans, even plans to make plans.

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