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The thing that makes me most anxious is flying :(

Not the fear of flying (crashing), but the days before agony of worrying about COVID, the weather, cancellations, delays or diversion.  

The sleepless night before. 

The too early wake up, the getting to the airport early, waiting on line for boarding passes, checking your bags, clearing security, the endless walking to the gate, then sitting and waiting (as you had to be 2 hours early), the boarding crush, sitting in a claustrophobic tube, existing for hours without Wi-Fi, the incessant deafening noise, the people all around you (including uncontrolled screaming kids), wearing the stifling N95 mask (and smelling my breath), trying to consume airline food and more that I have put out of my mind…

Then, you finally land and you tell yourself we made it, we’re free, but no! They force us to wait interminably in that narrow claustrophobic tube on the macadam for a disembarking slot.  

Take it from me, Unanticipated late stage agony is the worst of all! 

It’s enough to make me wish Scotty could just beam me up :)

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