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Happy Hour Girl Scout Cookies

Happy Hour Girl Scout Cookies
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My friend’s daughter Allison calls me “Uncle Fred” and she’s in her last year of Girl Scouts and she’s got it in her head that she wants to go out in a flourish and what better way than to set the record for Girl Scout Cookie sales!


Being a good “Uncle”, I’m all in and, of course, gave her an order, but then last Friday her dad was on our weekly 5:00 Happy Hour Zoom and I had the inspiration to ask him to put her on screen so I could promote her quest.  


Talk about “A Star Is Born”, Allison was so composed, articulate, engaging, single minded…she took over!


And, of course, the orders rolled in and she approaches the record.  If you would like to contribute to her success, her order link (pictured) is


Happy Hour was Magical!

You never know what will crop up.  You too might have a Star Turn!  Join us and add to the Happy Hour Magic every Friday at 5:00 :)

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