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Things will be better

Things will be better
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A year ago I blogged about gathering virtually for Passover (and for others, on Easter). No one thought then we would still be dealing with COVID19, albeit with many of us “vaxxed” or on the way to be such. Nonetheless its a big deal that we were able to gather in our small but safe core. My daughter took care of making sure a new seder plate she procured for her family got “filled” appropriately. And the daughter stepped in and handled all the kitchen duties for her mom this year. As the dad, I marveled how well Marisa took charge in the kitchen for serving to cleanup. Kind of reminded me of my own youth when mom and her sister would step in to help their mom; big difference was Marisa took total charge. It makes you want to imagine how things will occur next year, perhaps with a bigger group around the table. And by the way, my basketball already won more games than the year before and my baseball team and that one preferred by Friday’s blogger look ready to start on time (By the way Gotham plans a big outing, consistent with CDC protocols and all, when both team play each other at Citifield on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.). It all gives you hope.


A few weeks ago I finished reading the most enjoyable autobiography (I heartedly recommend it.) of founding Byrds member Chris Hillman. There I read with much surprise that a song – which I always liked a lot – he did not think carried its weight on the LP that reunited the original lineup in 1973; nonetheless, “Things Will Be Better” best represents my outlook and gives title to this blog (and is a critical part of a playlistblogged about last year).

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