Safe At Home

Safe At Home
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So my thoughts focus on when we can get together again.


You might ask why but I suspect most know.


After all, in other times, many would be looking forward to hosting or visiting family towards the end of this week into next weekend. Usually a big meal serves as the centerpiece. Instead, this time any meal involves those in the immediate household; at best we can employ video technology to perhaps widen the size of the gathering and connect family and friends around a virtual table. I recall picking up a few items early when shopping before any inkling of actions we now follow to protect ourselves and everyone else.


Interestingly the virtual gathering offer some ability to widen the net some. Anyone giving thought to or planning larger virtual gatherings – in comparison to the size on in person gatherings where perhaps the dining accommodations limited the size in other years?


While living on the left coast, my daughter hosted friends on the other costs and shared pics of the scrumptious dishes she (and perhaps others created). Some years we visited her and attended communal seders in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego (that one was perhaps the largest communal one we ever attended.). Some years we also joined some good friend one night and hosted family the other. I certainly look forward when “everything going to be alright.”


Might any “adjustment” we make this year become part of the program in future gatherings? Some interesting logistics to consider.


Got any ideas? Our Gotham tribe enjoys more than a few with technical and logistical expertise. I look forward to some ideas in the comments section.


Meanwhile let’s all stay Safe At Home.

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