The # is 37

The # is 37
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Not talking baseball even though the title channels the first Mets manager and perhaps the greatest Yankee one. The last time we discussed such a number it was 34. For several years before COVID disrupted plans pretty much for all of us, we’d celebrate our anniversary around a show on Broadway or a concert; the last two years the pandemic affected those plans; our most recent previous outings were Jersey Boys in 2019 and Rod Stewart in 2018. This year we take in Tina: The Turner Musical on Broadway. There’s also a very nice charity brunch upcoming at which we’ll dine with several couples we often gather with. As I blogged three years ago, I played my songs of love playlist – then 58 songs – on the ride in (on AppleMusic of course); I added more songs since and the list grew as of the day before to 66 tunes. The last two added certainly apply: the studio version of All I Want to Be (is By Your Side) (Peter Frampton; the live version from Frampton Comes Alive has long been on the list) and For Someone I Love (The Souther Hillman Furay Band). Earlier in the day that I drafted this commentary the latter’s author, Poco co-founder Richie Furay posted on Facebook about the song; it made me check if the playlist included it; I found three other SHF Band tunes written and sung by Richie (and of course many of his fitting Poco tunes) but not this one, so I added this very wonderful tune. 37 years; a good number.

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