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The Beatles Get Back into our World

The Beatles Get Back into our World
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The Beatles exploded into America in the fall of 1963.  I want to “Hold Your Hand” hit number one on the all important singles chart.  The Beatles and their management knew that they could come to the USA riding that success and catapult to the top.  Their performances in February of 1964 on the Ed Sullivan show were ratings blockbusters.  The first one was seen on February 9 by 73 million people.  The population of the United States in 1960 was around 180 million.  More than 1 of 3 people in America were watching these 4 “young lads” sing and shake their mop tops.


The Beatles continued their hit making and augmented it with movies and television shows. The decade of the 60’s featured so much chaos and loss, but for many, the one positive constant of joy and solace was the music of the Beatles. The 1969 Let It Be documentary, a filmed account of the Beatles’ attempt to recapture their spirit apparently ended up as driving them apart for good.  The film ended with their performance on the roof of their studio.  Their break up was filled with controversy and finger pointing.


Now, Peter Jackson, a winner of three Oscar awards, has put together a 6 hour documentary put together from 60 hours of footage that had not been seen by anyone for 50 years.  Over three nights this Thanksgiving weekend, Disney Plus, will show the documentary in two hour chunks.  The Beatles:  Get Back documentary will offer a revelatory look at the band.  Paul, Ringo, Yoko, and Olivia Harrison (George’s widow) offered their full support.  It has been discussed as a fly on the wall experience.  Films of their music making sessions and the full 45 minute concert on the roof will be highlights.


I am looking forward to watching every minute.


Are you looking forward to Getting Back with the Beatles?

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