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DIANA: The World’s Cultural Icon

DIANA: The World’s Cultural Icon
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It is almost 25 years since Diana’s death and she remains a focus of so much attention.

We have Netflix’s The Crown, a CNN Documentary Diana, the film Spencer(D’s maiden name)  about her family’s Christmas as the Princess. And, believe it or not, the Broadway Musical, Diana is about to open.


Diana was 19, when she wed a future King.  She won over England and then the world.

Dying young, beautiful, and tragically seems to be a formula for capturing the world for generations. Comparisons to Marilyn Monroe come to mind.  Along with Diana, their initial seemingly innocent sexual appeal made them popular with both men and women.  Marilyn’s famous photo of standing over a subway grate with her skirt flying is compared to Diana’s photograph as a teacher at a nursery school with the backlighting revealing her legs through her dress.  Diana’s beauty and innocence brought her attention and affection immediately.


Diana took a big step in her worldwide popularity by becoming a humanitarian envoy all over the world.  Her work as a champion against AIDS was very important in the public’s awareness of the truth about the disease.  She visited orphanages all over the world and had a magic touch with children everywhere.  Diana worked hard on eliminating land mines from former battle sites.  Her walk through a dangerous area sponsored by the HALO charity was world wide news.


I admired Diana’s humanitarian work and knew that her life with the Royal Family was difficult.

I have not watched the Crown or any of the new documentaries either.  And, I will not see the Broadway show.  But, I know that Diana will endure as a public figure of immense interest for generations.


How do you stand on the Diana Fascination?

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