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05.14.2017 (1665 days ago)

Thanking mom

Thanking mom
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Happy Mother’s Day to the all moms, especially the three most important ones in my life.


After basketball yesterday, I gave thought to this blog and realized not only this one falls on Mother's Day but what I posted last year fell on the day (and as long as I get to blog on Sundays, I easily claim this and other cool topics). I searched back and you just might want to read, “Sweet.”


I actually looked at songs for today and this commentator who shared song lists around various themes found himself unmoved; some just represented very personal – in my view non-universal sentiments – and others just fell outside my tastes. I leave that project to others with the only requirement that any song posted include a link to its youtube. Two of the songs that worked appeared on none of the lists I found on the ‘net: Savoy Brown’s “Tell Mama” and The Faces’ cover of That’s All Right My Mamathat one finds on Rod Stewart’s “Every Picture Tell A Story” LP. Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried” appeared on some lists; I prefer the cover from Grateful Dead’s informally named “Skull and Roses” live LP.


Last year’s Sweet blog included a special nod to lovely Shelly.


This year as she celebrates a special number, I dedicate this blog to my mom. When I was a mere babe, mom would get compared to Natalie Wood or Liz Taylor. But more important when times were not all that well during my earliest years, I never knew it; never did my brother and I feel denied or needy when in fact thing were not so easy (we just did not know.). Credit mom for that. No doubt who I am today reflects that special love, nurturing and protection.


Thanks mom!



Happy Mother’s Day, with love.

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