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One of my most vivid childhood memories is that of the kitchen table before school in the morning. Every morning there would be a glass of apple juice waiting for me-- which my mom put out a half hour before so it would be at room temperature by the time I came downstairs-- and a Chocks vitamin.



As I grew older the juice changed to coffee, but the presence of a multi-vitamin remained. Taking a daily multi-vitamin has been a constant habit through out my life. As the years have gone by, however, I have added different supplements to the vitamin.



Currently, I take additional Vitamin “D” (at the advice of my doctor), turmeric (at the advice of friends), and I put powdered collagen into my coffee everyday (at the advice of my daughter). I know that Vitamin D supports bone health and is important for women to take. My friends tell me that turmeric is important to avoid inflammation. And my daughters tell me that collagen is beneficial to my hair, nails, and skin. I have just started adding collagen to my regiment, so I have not yet seen results.



Do you take supplements? What do you take and why?



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