Strange Days....Indeed

Strange Days....Indeed
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The phrase titling this blog comes from lyrics in a John Lennon tune. If I just chose the first two words, it recalls the title of The Doors’ second LP, Strange Days, featuring their second hit, “People Are Strange.”


We keep reading how less busy those not working in “critical” aka “essential” functions find themselves. Perhaps. Not here. Since things came to a head one would think some us would have more time. In meetings of my Gotham Network (which hosts this and six other daily blogs), discussions included how to make use of time when those you service/advise may need you less, or fewer matters and projects exist to keep a professional busy. My friend Rochelle also covered this in numerous podcasts and daily posts. One frequent and commonly recommended piece of advice involves checking in with clients and colleagues. Indeed I received a number of calls, emails and texts from colleague; I appreciate them; really do; at the same time, I wish time existed to more timely respond.


It just seems the need to assist clients with issues relating to the Coronavirus; sharing information they need – or their own clients’ needs persist. No complaints here. The motto of New York’s Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pythias, where I maintain involvement through subordinate lodges, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) 613, found on the top of its website’s left navigation bar (on each and every page), states: “we help people”-- and I subscribe to that sentiment. After all, most of my career involved working in the public sector, advising public and would be public policymakers and working with public sector employee unions, and working on, writing about and commenting on and proposing public policies. Even in law school I researched and wrote on two issues lingering in national and local political arena – health care and real property reform – that will likely regain a bit more attention when the “old normal” returns.


Last week’s commentary covered the use of tech to work around the restrictive environment we need to adapt to in order to enable society to recover. Still applies.


So one crazy plus side: my son texted about the closure of the gym in his building. I reminded him of weights left here more than a decade ago. So my exercise yesterday involved lifting some weights (more than actually got moved), cleaning those selected for transport (see pic for this blog) appropriately, wrapping them in plastic, lifting them some more to transport them from the bowels of my office to my car and a solitary drive using my Songs for the Road playlist shared here a few commentaries back; not that many vehicles on the two expressways made for a perfect mix with the musical selections; indeed only one tune played the length of the LIE stretch. He sent me home with latte` in thermos that Shelly and I enjoyed.


I planned a morning drive. It became late afternoon. Morning email about helping folks apply for SBA loans. Information shared. Later in the day connected the client (also a good friend) to another friend who can help client’s many clients apply.


Even stranger, drafting this commentary I “found” a song not yet in the road list that made sense to add (which of course I did).


All in a day’s work.


Nobody told me...

….there'd be days like these.

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