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Sex and The City 2.0

Sex and The City 2.0
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The past few years have seen a plethora of updates/remakes of some of my favorite television shows. Full House, Gilmore Girls, Roseanne, and Hawaii Five O, have all returned to our screens in recent years, with most of the original  cast coming along for one last ride. Although Roseanne was let go from her own show after one season due to her racist tweets.


Will and Grace, one of my most beloved shows, received the updated treatment for several seasons. While I watched the new version, my initial feeling towards it was disappointment. To revise the series, they essentially erased everything that occurred during the last season of the original series. I felt that approach was disingenuous. 


Now, one of my most beloved shows, Sex and The City, is being rebooted. Sex and The City has a special place in my heart. I would watch it on Sunday nights, along with my friend Melanie. We were both single parents and would watch together downstairs in my home while our children played together upstairs. It would give Melanie and I  both a short reprieve from the stresses of being single working mothers.


I will be watching with anticipation the Sex and The City reboot when it premieres. I hope it does not disappoint. Have you watched any of the recent reboots?


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