11.29.2021 (55 days ago)

In Search of A Podcast I Can Commit To

In Search of A Podcast I Can Commit To
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If you could see my current Instagram feed, you would see a plethora of ads for podcasts. I started investigating podcasts a few weeks ago and now I’m inundated with ads.


 To me, podcasts seem analogous to radio broadcasts. You look for a topic you find interesting and see whether the podcasts captures your attention. I have also seen choosing a podcast analogized to internet dating. There’s that initial sense of excitement and possibility you get when you scroll through a site like Audible and spot a clever title, cover art or description that strikes your fancy. So you decide to give it a shot and sample a few episodes in the hopes of finding a show that speaks to you on a personal level.


So far I haven’t found a podcast that I have been able to commit to. Have you? What do you recommend?



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