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Political Posts

Political Posts
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Do you post political posts on social media? I posted something a few years ago about a political issue that is important to me. Unfortunately, I thought at the time that my Facebook was private. Apparently, it was not, and I lost a few clients who had seen my post. So, I decided not to post politically anymore.


In the past month, I felt the strong urge to again make a political post on Facebook. Due to my past experience, I held back for a period of time. When the issue got to a point where I strongly felt I needed to say something, I did.


After I posted on Facebook, several friends texted me asking me to make the post shareable so they could share it. I was not even sure how to do so. But I quickly found out that I would need to make the post public.  I debated for days, given my experience, about whether to do so.


I ultimately decided to make the post public, and it has been shared. So far, there have not been any negative responses, that I know of.  But I will admit that I check it every day just to make sure.


I know, before posting politically again, I will still think through the posting extensively. And how about you?

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