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How Do You Get There?

How Do You Get There?
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I have lived on Long Island since I was six years old. As such, I pride myself on knowing how to get to most anyplace on Long Island.


I still, however, use Google Maps as a backup if I am going somewhere I have never been or have not been in a long time. This recently occurred on Friday when I had to venture from my Garden City office which is located near Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow to an office on Hempstead Turnpike in Bethpage. My intention was to take Hempstead Turnpike from East Meadow to Bethpage. 


Upon getting into the car I, as I habitually do, put the Bethpage address into Google Maps. I was shocked to see a totally different route, taking me to the Meadowbrook Parkway, to the Southern State Parkway to the Seaford Oyster Bay.   As a lark, I decided to take the Google Maps route. I got to my destination much quicker than I expected and arrived early for my appointment.


Do you use Google Maps or Waze? Do you prefer one over the other?





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