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I need to thank Nancy for inspiring this blog.

One of my favorite apps is OpenTable. I love just clicking on the app and making dinner reservations in a matter of seconds. I will rarely, if ever, go out to dinner on a Saturday night to a restaurant that does not accept my OpenTable reservation. I have also, successfully used OpenTable when traveling to various cities to make meal reservations.


And, as much as I depend on OpenTable, I know that I don’t truly understand it’s complexities. For example, recently I thought I had made dinner reservations for a March 11, for a group of female lawyers at a local restaurant. When looking through my OpenTable profile this week, it showed the reservation as a “no show.” Apparently, in my rush, I had mistakenly made the reservation for the day I booked the reservation, not for March 11. Luckily, I was able to rebook the reservation but the “no show,” is still on my profile.


I have one additional “No show” on my profile from a restaurant in Nashville. While we did show to the restaurant we left after looking at the menu, not finding anything remotely appetizing.


What do these “no shows” mean for me? Should I be calling someone to explain? And what about all of the points I have accumulated on OpenTable? Have you redeemed them or should I continue to let them accumulate? And how do you redeeem them?

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