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Oldies But Goodies

Oldies But Goodies
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The first placed I lived on my own was  Brooklyn Heights. Since the  law firm where I was working was also in the Heights many of us who worked together also lived close to one another.


When those of us who lived in the Heights wanted a special place to go to dinner our “go-to” restaurant was Henry’s End. It was a small cozy restaurant with a wonderful chef and diverse menu. I can recall many  wonderful evenings spent at Henry’s End enjoying good food and good friends.


Fast forward about thirty years. Last year I was staying overnight in Brooklyn Heights for mediation training. In looking for a restaurant for Saturday night I was happily surprised to see that Henry’s End was still open. I gleefully made reservations there and was so pleased to see that the menu was just as interesting as I remembered it to be and the food just as good.


Next week I am returning to the Heights again for advanced mediation training. This time I made reservations at Queen, which I also frequented when I lived in the Heights. Queen was the restaurant you went when you wanted a great slice of pizza or hearty old style Italian food. When I called to make the reservation I was surprised to hear the same voice I used to hear answering the phone  thirty years ago. I am excited to be returning to Queen and am also expecting the same quality food I used to get back then.


With restaurants quickly changing ownership these days, it’s comforting to see that some long time, good quality restaurants are still doing business.  What are your long time favorites?



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