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Food Mash-Ups

Food Mash-Ups
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In reading People Magazine this week, I was amused to read about an unusual  food combination enjoyed by  a celebrity. He loves to mix peanut butter into his scrambled eggs. My first reaction was, ”yuck.” But then I recalled an unusual food combination I enjoyed while in high school and decided I shouldn’t judge another’s food  mash-up.

Senior year in high school, I got out of school so early that I often had lunch at home. My preferred lunch was lox and cream cheese on a bagel since I often skipped breakfast. One day I arrived home, toasted my bagel and spread the cream cheese  and  realized there was no lox in the refrigerator,  only sliced ham. So I put it on the bagel with the cream cheese and liked the combination. It became my go to lunch for the rest of the school year.


Before you judge me, think of some of the food combinations you secretly enjoy. Do you have an unusual food combination?



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