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12.04.2022 (56 days ago)

Music for this holiday season

Music for this holiday season
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It’s that time again; people plan holiday parties. Gotham’s holiday party takes place virtually on Tuesday and a trio of in-person gatherings take place Thursday in Manhattan, and the following week on Tuesday on Long Island and Thursday in Westchester. It also means holiday music and my “open-source” list of holiday tunes grew this year to 116 songs on YouTube and 81 songs on Apple Music


It received mention in another context a few weeks ago. 


Scroll this list to view what you might wish to sample (You can easily find songs for Chanukah, several Kwanza and even one for Festivus.) or just play the entire set in either Apple Music or the longer YouTube.


It starts and ends with two late icons.  John Lennon kicks it off.  Laura Nyro sings it to conclusion.


What makes this list special revolves around the inclusion of musical genres that not typically found on my other playlists. Each year, readers propose songs to add help make the set eclectic.


Bottom line, just enjoy it or the selections that work for you.


Happy Holiday!


(As always, if you propose a song, please include a YouTube link.)

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