GOtham GREEN® continues its tradition of recognizing worthy initiatives, products & people

GOtham GREEN® continues its tradition of recognizing worthy initiatives, products & people
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Gotham started a new tradition when it moved its Gotham Green Awards® to November in 2020. GOtham GREEN® now announces its awards which herald worthy initiatives, products and people ahead of Thanksgiving. Earlier awards took place at various times including the end of each year and around Earth Day. This timing fits best and just before we gather with family, and in many cases with friends as well, the Gotham tribe again recognized recipients – this year six – of its Gotham Green Awards®, last Tuesday, November 22, 2022. 

Gotham Green Awards® recognize three categories:

1. Green Business or Green Initiative  – For businesses whose core message and products are green in concept and/or sustainable.

2. Green product, program or building  – For businesses that have produced, planned or created a singular item that is green and sustainable.

3. Green/Sustainable non-profit organization  – For non-profit organizations that focus on or have created a program or product that they believe contributes to the global sustainability effort.

This year GOtham GREEN® group coordinator and past two-time Gotham Green Award® recipient Shelley Simpson posted a nice narrative to Fredslist that you can also view on LinkedIn.

Please join me in congratulating the winners for 2021 (I note the nominators in parentheses after each description): 

☼ FABSCRAP, based in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, works to end commercial textile “waste” and was represented by its Education and Outreach Coordinator, Erin Wiens. (Rosalia Ruberto)

☼ Mark Foley of the Folson Group Co-operative help Cooperatives and Condominiums buildings in and around New York City become energy efficient, carbon neutral and green. (Alison Orlando)

☼ Maison Beljanski brings plant-based health products to market using unique and environmentally sound plant harvesting practices. (Kelly Welles)

☼ Nuskin Enterprises, Inc. provides bioadaptive skin care products. (Deborah Farkash)

☼ TD Bank achieved 200 LEED-certified stores with its LEED Silver store in Princeton, where my GOtham GREEN® co-chair Josh Zinder leads a Gotham group. (Bernie Dolington)

☼ Vivchi developed the only 4-4-4 organic vegan fertilizer on the market. (Shelley Simpson)

GOtham GREEN® plans to showcase each winner at meetings throughout 2023 so plan to come and meet them or reach out.  Watch the Gotham website for the dates, including the 

Tuesday, November 22, 2023 – 4:00 p.m. 2023 Gotham Green Awards Announcement. 

Before I close, a thank you to to my co-chairs Fred Klein, and Josh Zinder  and groups coordinator Shelley Simpson for their efforts to select the winners.

If you know someone worthy, GOtham GREEN® accepts nominations throughout the year. If you know of any business, initiative, or individual that solves both environmental and social problems, adopts principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment, nominating them provides a great way to show your appreciation to a client, customer or colleague. 

P.S. Enjoy my fave Poco fave song on this topic (this one llive), which found its way by reference in several statements and testimonies prepared by this correspondent.

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