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My enjoyment of good music remains steadfast. Those who know me best know my preferences (tastes?). Indeed leaving a lunch last month at my alma mater (same place for poli. sci. and law school) the question, what is Poco?, got posed by the distinguished ethics professor and the speaker my friend Sean and I delivered to the Mineola LIRR on our way back to Queens. A bumper sticker displayed prominently on the rear states “Induct Poco into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Employing the “Socratic method” of course (after all we just left a law school and the speaker delivered a rather topical Lichtenstein Legal Ethics Lecture), I gave my usual answer: “You heard of the Eagles?” Of course they had. I explain Poco “provided” to the Eagles both of its bass players and Don Henley and Glenn Frey were in the audience wowing to Poco at the Troubadour in 1968 L.A. Simply put no Poco, no Eagles. Just saying....


Actually as concerts go this year, I expect to see a good number of my faves, including Poco’s founder Richie Furay (as part of a bill with Dave Mason, no less). Other shows upcoming include John Fogerty, Paul Rodgers, Rod Stewart, Southside Johnny, and Dead and Co. And we already enjoyed Poco co-founder Jim Messina (who later partnered with Kenny Loggins) in January.


But what I also notice involves I how I mostly shun terrestrial music radio. Do you bother?

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