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Let’s Herald the New Year with Some Musical Cheer

Let’s Herald the New Year with Some Musical Cheer
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Let’s Welcome the New Year

with Some Musical Cheer


In a comment on a blog my friend Paul suggested making today’s blog short.


Traditionally, the blog runs long because it includes a list; it did last year.


This commentary, in a nod to Paul's comment on my comment to last Tuesday's blog and Friday’s blogger who also encourages me to offer shorter blogs, I simply share my verified playlist to herald the new year. Interestingly, unlike the happy holidays playlist now at an even 100 tunes, this list totals one-quarter the number, 25.


The links above take you to a list where you can select each song individually. At the end of of the list, you can select Songs To Ring In The New Year on YouTube, and/ or Apple Music.


It remains a rather personal list so while you may suggest songs to add, I only “accepted” three selections, one of which I amended post my 2018 blog to Barbara Streisand’s cover (Shelly likes her singing, though Norm Spizz made the suggestion amending his original.)


Please enjoy the music (and play it LOUD!), and share it.


Happy New Year (and decade)!


All best wishes.

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