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01.29.2017 (1726 days ago)

Learning What The Public Ought To Know

Learning What The Public Ought To Know
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Watching the news unfold this weekend with demonstrations at the NYC airports and blocks away from where my Gotham Power Breakfast meets in downtown Brooklyn and places across the country, I found myself looking through my twitter and looking at my fave cable news outlet, NY1. A Day In The Life immediately came to mind.


Last week I discussed how my iPad afforded me some Freedom in how I look at news in the morning and throughout the day (comments still welcome). In a time when we hear and read about fake news, I find it interesting to learn how others get their news and perhaps any changes in where you get news. Certainly no one wants yesterday’s papers.


I recall back in the day when I served in city government reading four dailies, following certain reporters’ blogs and watching cable and network news. The blogs gave way to twitter posts.


Some people rely on their social media and what others share on such sites; some of that news includes posts from traditional news outlets. Some use Apps on their iPhones/ iPads and other smart phones/ tablets. Some may rely on links to media on their (Internet browser) which they view on the aforementioned devices and notebooks, Macs and other computers. Some rely on different cable and network news outlets, sharing “I saw it on TV.”


Some curate news they read and share with and without comments on social media where Followers and Friends and Connections may see news they may otherwise miss or not receive via the sources they follow. That often means getting second hand news; I prefer to get it in as close to real time as possible, especially since bad news travels fast.


I still look at print media – sometimes online – as newspapers post on line ahead of any morning read. As an early morning riser, I also enjoy morning (and during the day) emails summarizing and linking to news on a variety of print and e-media outlets that I find of interest; some from news outlets. While I work in my office NY1News and sometimes other cable outlets fill the TV screen (muted when I take or make calls.).


Share how you consume your news and note any changes in how you get it.


And to induce you (if needed) listen here.


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  •  Marilyn Genoa: 
    Although I had work to do this weekend I found myself glued to any source of news I could find. Sadly I am not certain what I can trust so I, like most others, stick to the channels and newspapers (mostly online) that I believe report what I believe to be the truest version of the facts. As I responded when you first mentioned that you were going to be viewing your news online Corey, I may look to some of your posts for some sources. Very troubling times, and as you, I prefer to be as informed as possible.
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  •  Robert Giamboi: 
    The news is depressing, I typically try to avoid it!
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  •  Cayce Crown: 
    Twitter and Facebook with appropriate vetting. Hope to see you at today's rally! Making news.
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  •  Fred Klein: 
    Twitter (thanks) seems fastest.
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