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Joyful Rides
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Interesting how time intersects.  So in last week’s blog, I released an updated Happy Holidays in song playist, which included a few extra Chanukah songs.  Some people provided links to some songs you’ll find next year (though I did informally add them pending placement within the flow of the existing list.).  In the week that followed last year’s blog releasing that year’s updated playlist, we attended a family Chanukah gathering hosted by my brother; I blogged about the music listened to on the way there and back.  So while a reprise of that gathering awaits later this month, last night we visited our niece and grandniece.


For this ride I chose to start with the Chanukah songs on the holiday playlist premiered last Sunday (of course you may find a version in my iTunes).


The return trip featured a playlist developed (well sort of) in 2012 for a feature that a previous set of bloggers followed for a few years – Gotham Story Week.

Gotham Story Week 2012

I created an alternative story using the comments that year.


And for a few years that followed working with some others, including my friend Josh Zinder, we sort of hijacked the story via the comments (See here.). I know the recruits enjoyed the exercise.


I enjoyed listening to this song playlist even more.  It lasted the entire ride home.


It features 15 songs, the first song, The Promised Land (Bruce Springsteen); the last song, End of the Line (The Traveling Wilburys who provided two other songs, #3 and #4 on the list).


Buffalo Springfield provided six tunes, three (#7, #10 and #11) sung by Richie Furay who provides a solo tune (#2) and sings lead on a classic Poco tune (#9).


John Fogerty sings two selections, one from his Creedence Clearwater Revival days (#13) and the other his solo baseball classic (#14).


The Grateful Dead round the song list with the middle tune (#8).


Six tunes are live selections (#2, #7, #11, #12, #13 and #14).


If you have iTunes, you can access it; if you wish take the list above and maybe create a playlist in Spotify or YouTube.

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