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It's Listening Again

It's Listening Again
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I have another instance where my phone was listening to me. And this one really freaked me out. So, if you could explain it to me, I would appreciate it.


My husband and I have a home theater which we built right after Superstorm Sandy. The chairs are over ten years old and it’s time to replace them. So, a few nights ago, my husband and I, on his phone, called the manufacturer. As we were talking to the customer service representative, my husband and looked through our choices for new chairs on their website on my husband’s computer.


After about ten minutes on my husband’s phone and computer, we completed our purchase of the new chairs. Once we were finished buying the chairs, I started scrolling through my phone on Facebook. There, on a targeted ad was an ad from the chair manufacturer with the type of chairs that  we were looking at.


We never used my phone or computer for any portion of this purchase. Yet there the ad was-for the first time-on my phone.


Coincidence? I think not.

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