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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
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Motivated in part by a campaign I enjoy (don’t tell the client) advising in New York City’s Municipal Primary elections, I posted a Gotham promo Friday that opened with the same musical Happy Father’s Day message, I enjoy make a tradition posting when I open my commentary every Father’s Day: a video of current Poco bassist and vocalist Jack Sundrud performing Father’s Day with his Idlewheel partner Craig Bickhardt.

In part because of the aforementioned campaign this Father’s Day – at least in this household is getting deferred until the following Sunday when my daughter and fellow Mets fan, Marisa, takes her Dad to Citifield (opponents are the Phillies). When we developed the campaign “mail plan,” the last piece, building on a different piece I did for a candidate some 16 years ago, followed this theme a pros pro to today’s theme: “A Father – That’s one great qualification for our new Council Member.” This “closing” was supposed to be the fifth piece but as I often do, I proposed cutting back on mail and devoting more resources to direct voter contact as thing were opening up. So three 8 x10” cards morphed into one 11 x 17” brochure folded in three. The theme remained. Coincidently one of the local weekly newspapers popular in the district took up the same theme, endorsed the candidate and put on its cover a picture of the candidate – his name is Al – with his daughter (Since Gotham shies away from partisan politics here, you’ll need to visit my person website’s projects page to discern more info about this “Proud Father.”).

I will be starting my day with a cup of brewed Franjelica at one of my fave space (pic at left).

Obviously, the re-opening increases some celebratory options today. Do share in the comments how you plan to celebrate your day/ fete your dad/spouse as the case may be.

Maintaining a personal blogging tradition, let me extend a special thank you not just to my dads and granddads, but to those many other dads I know (all the others out there!) who also do one heck of job. Give yourselves a nice hand!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Yes, you (we) deserve it!

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