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Furnace of Connection
Furnace of Connection
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Some of my favorite people in the world are natural born connectors. Who comes to mind? Fred Klein, Mitch Tobol, Josh Zinder, Liz Saldana, Victoria Drogin, Paul Napolitano, Shelly Simpson, Dan Hochler, Nancy Schess, Tom Gallin, Susan Zinder, Ben, Paul, Raj, Kelly…The list goes on.


My firm held its annual growth and development meeting this past week in Buffalo, New York. They hired this amazing professional speaker named Alan Stein, Jr. author of Raise your Game to speak with us about the fundamentals of greatness. One of the key take-aways was how he compared top performers to a "Furnace of Connection" with the gift of listening, showing up early, committing to fundamentals, practicing harder and following a completely intrinsic level of performance. Giving “10 assists” everyday to colleagues, friends, clients without keeping a record.


Cheers to my fellow Gotham connectors that always show up with their game face!

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