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10.26.2016 (1915 days ago)

Baseball, Birthdays and Baby-Kissers

Baseball, Birthdays and Baby-Kissers
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So I went to the Twitter Trending topics page and the first three topics I saw were:


1. Kyle Schwarber -  had absolutely NO idea who that was, but World Series fans will know that he is an outfielder* that has just been added to the Cubs roster for the games. *originally I called him a pitcher, FK told me he is not.


2. Pablo Picasso - definitely knew who he was. It's his birthday, so the Twitter family was loving him.


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3. Colin Powell - Yes, I know who he is too. Trending because he is voting for Hillary.


Interesting that no women were trending. Is it because more men on Twitter?

Is this really what people are thinking about?


What are you thinking about?


There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. - William Shakespeare

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