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Are We Alone?

Are We Alone?
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As many of you know I am an avid science fiction fan. As a fan, I often wonder about the possibility of advanced life outside of our solar system. Perhaps, the better statement is, I hope for the existence of advanced life beyond our solar system and anxiously anticipate the possibility of contact during my lifetime.


Even if I was not a science fiction fan, I would still believe in the possibility of advanced life beyond our solar system. The latest data collected by NASA indicates have found approximately 3,200 stars that have planets orbiting around them in our galaxy. Further, according to the latest data, NASA has found 5,241 confirmed exoplanets, which are planets that exist outside our solar system. To me, the idea of being alone--based on just the number of planets discovered so far --seems to be infinitesimally small.


I believe that there must be other advanced life out there.  What do you believe?

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