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12.17.2017 (1406 days ago)


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Last week’s blog “released” a list of holiday-themes tunes for the season we currently enjoy. Not sure everyone seeks to hear those themes but certainly they predominate on radio dials. My ears and sometimes my eyes focused elsewhere when I chose music. I stumbled on a concert film, “Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - Real Live Roadrunning - Full Concert” a few days back and played it in spots. It runs one hour forty plus; still have about one half hour to enjoy.

Riding to my brother’s Brooklyn home where we celebrated Chanukah (with our maternal aunt and uncle, our second youngest brother and our children who live in here), and his reaching six decades, I chose Straight Up by Badfinger; many will know the singles released from the LP: Baby Blue and Day After Day, the latter as perfect a song as it goes in lyrics, singing, playing, and sound.

On the ride there, I pretty much settled on what selections I wanted to hear on the return drive, one of the two 1975 summer Poco concerts at Wolman Rink (What a great venue and of course the same person messing up bigly in the political sphere messed up very bigly in closing it to music – summer music never was the same since!). I selected the July 30 show. It starts off with now Eagles member Timothy B. Schmit singing his composition, “Keep On Tryin’” and concludes with Paul Cotton’s rousing “A Right Along,” featuring Paul dueling Rusty Young playing his special “Bear” slide guitar.


It certainly made the ride pleasurable.

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  •  Marilyn Genoa: 
    Thank you Corey, with your music (this and past blogs) and the speaker I purchased from Flo Feinberg at the last LI Women meeting I had a lovely music weekend. Made my Chanukah preparations so much better as I danced around the kitchen.
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  •  Rona Gura: 
    My husband joined a group of his friends in New Orleans this weekend to watch the Jets. He was hesitant to go at first but, after hearing that Zebra was giving a free concert before the game he agreed. A blast from our past.
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  •  Cayce Crown: 
    Music is incredibly healing.
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  •  Ellyn Finkelstein: 
    You pick the best tunes! keep em coming!
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  •  Fred Klein: 
    Paul is a KW high light!
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