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(Anticipating a) Grand (Day At The) Junction

(Anticipating a) Grand (Day At The) Junction
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With Thanksgiving and for many of us a long weekend approaching, I find it nice to anticipate gatherings of families and friends.


Every Thanksgiving involves memories and traditions. Some revolve around the food and how we prepare it. Others peculiar to some celebrants.


Music remains important to me and one tradition started when I listened to the original free-from WNEW-FM back in the day. My fave DJ, the late Pete Fornatale, would play Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie. Years later it would grace my turntable or my iTunes.


A few may also still have the LP (and even a turntable. You?). For those who lack it electronically and/ or missed or forgot the opportunity to listen again click here or the link above. You may also enjoy a second version which includes a cute 1976 story of the missing 18 minutes of President Nixon’s White House tapes (skip to 17:44 if you wish).


For your short-term reading pleasure consider Rolling Stone’s 2014 article on the story of the song.


As often has been the case since Shelly and I married, we again plan to host on Thanksgiving. Indeed, our very first Thanksgiving we hosted in our apartment and the next day moved into our still current home, which my daughter some years ago named Grand Junction (after a Rusty Young-penned Poco instrumental). This year, on the next day we gather to dine and more with many of our closest friends.


Got plans? Hosting? Visiting? Do tell (share)?

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