Janice Roven

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Janice Roven

3 Park Avenue, suite 2700, New York, New York, 10016

E-mail: JRoven@Rovenlawgroup.com

Phone: 212 262 3280

Company: Roven Law Group

Position: Attorney

  • work-phone 212 262 3280
  • mail-address JRoven@Rovenlawgroup.com
  • mobile 917 363 2607
  • location 3 Park Avenue, suite 2700

Ms. Roven has been practicing law for close to four decades. She has been litigating for her entire career. Approximately 20 years ago, she was involved in a highly contentious custody battle. It was at that time that her career changed to enable her to assist other families going through the process. During her custody battle, she hired and fired 7 lawyers. She realized what was missing from her experience with her attorneys and promised herself that she would do it differently. She has devoted the last 20 years to doing it differently.


Boutique law firm with personal attention. We assist people who are looking to get married and require a Pre Nup. We also assist people who are looking to get a divorce. Additionally, we assist families with Orders of Protection.

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Website: Rovenlawgroup.com

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