Scott Bloom

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Scott Bloom

1270 Avenue of the Americas, 8th Floor, New York, New York, 10020


Phone: 917-327-2109

Company: Bloom Real Estate Group

Position: Managing Member

  • work-phone 917-327-2109
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  • mobile 917-327-2109
  • location 1270 Avenue of the Americas, 8th Floor

After 16 years at Newmark, GVA Williams, and Quest, my team convinced me to establish our own firm. I have been the leasing agent for 32 office buildings, and use that expertise to the benefit of tenants. Reachable 20 hours a day (G-D bless iPhones), my customers’ 2,100 leases and sales represent how to best handle commercial real estate as part of their organizations’ businessplan/structure.


REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT for tenants + owners. We handle leasing + sales, as well as lease review + administration to verify accuracy. We recently 'corrected' over $200,000.00.

Business Category: Real Estate Commercial


Good Lead: The question is "WHO HANDLES YOUR REAL ESTATE?" President, Partner, Principal, CFO etc - Key decision makers care about the efficiency of their real estate [leased or owned]. The PROBLEM is when they re-invent the wheel every 5-10 years instead of having professionals assist and advise with regard to accuracy of invoices and tenant's rights, IN ADDITION TO site selection and market values.




Scott M. Bloom