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Important Notice Regarding Your Payment- If you are paying to attend a Gotham meeting as a guest, please contact the group coordinator.

Payment does not guarantee attendance. You must receive clearance from the group coordinator before attending any group meeting.

Please note that fees paid to Gotham (including, membership, lunch, events, etc.) are not refundable.

Featured Event

Learn how to talk to your brain so it will listen


What happened when your brain doesn’t listen?  You can’t focus, you feel foggy, and you have trouble making decisions. You may have trouble controlling your emotional state and moving forward with your projects.

These problems cost businesses thousands of dollars and cost individuals their energy, motivation and often, their relationships.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


In this presentation, you will learn the hidden reasons why these problems happen and what to do to turn them around so that you too can feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled.  These insights will surprise you because you haven’t heard about them even though there is a multitude of experts telling you how to solve these problems.


You will leave with four easy activities you can do at your desk that will immediately lower your stress, improve your focus and restore clarity of thinking.


Join us to end your frustration and start on a path to easy results, in your life and business.

Group Chairperson
Nancy Schess

Nancy Schess
Partner Klein Zelman Rothermel Jacobs & Schess LLP
212 935 6020 x219

Fred Klein

Fred Klein
Senior Partner Klein Zelman Rothermel Jacobs & Schess LLP
212 935 6020


Group Coordinator
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