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Important Notice Regarding Your Payment- If you are paying to attend a Gotham meeting as a guest, please contact the group coordinator.

Payment does not guarantee attendance. You must receive clearance from the group coordinator before attending any group meeting.

Please note that fees paid to Gotham (including, membership, lunch, events, etc.) are not refundable.

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Gotham Green Awards®

Gotham City Networking, Inc.®

December 1, 2016 Winners Announced

…Gotham Gives Back to the Planet


As Gothamites we work and live by the motto:  It’s better to give than receive, but what goes around, comes around.® This motto enables us to make a difference for our clients and customers, our families and friends, the organizations we support, our communities and the world around us. On December 1, 2016 (at 12:30 p.m. at NYC’s famed Friars’ Club), Gotham City Networking, Inc.® (“Gotham”) and its GOtham GREEN® group will make a difference in our communities and the world by celebrating people and organizations, Gotham members and non-Gotham members, who are working in ways big and small; for-profit and not-for-profit, to make the world a little greener.  We do this by recognizing people, businesses and organizations that work on environmentally sustainable initiatives and projects.  How do we do this?  By awarding the Gotham Green Awards®!  We will announce the awardees at a special luncheon on December 1 with the awards event to coincide with Earth Day Observances in April 2017.


Who/what is eligible to be recognized with the Gotham Green Awards®?

We have three categories of recognition for organizations, whether or not they are Gotham Members:


  1. Green Business or Green Initiative – For businesses whose core message and products are green in concept and/or sustainable.
  2. Green product, program or building - For businesses that have produced, planned or created a singular item that is green and sustainable.
  3. Green/Sustainable non-profit organization - For non-profit organizations that focus on or have created a program or product that they believe contributes to the global sustainability effort.


What are the Gotham Green Awards®?

They haven’t all been finalized yet, but… they include a free Gotham membership for one year (which has a value of up to $950), recognition and the awardees’ ability to use the award logo on their materials.


How can I participate? You can:


  • Sponsor the awards ceremony or a particular award (sponsorships start at $500)
  • Nominate a person or organization for an award BY FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2016
  • Apply for an award for yourself or your organization BY FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2016
  • AND let’s not forget - - NETWORK!!! Let people in your network know about the awards and the opportunity to participate!


How do I apply or nominate someone else for an award or sponsor an award???

Click on the links below for the official rules and to download the application that applies to what you want to do!


The awards will be given out in New York – are only New Yorkers eligible????

NO!!!! People are eligible to participate from any of the communities where Gotham groups are located: from Florida up to and including Massachusetts, from New Jersey to Connecticut, and New York too!


Applications and Information Links (PDFs):

2016 GOtham Green Business or Initiative

2016 GOtham Green Building or Product

2016 GOtham Green Non-Profit

Group Chairperson
Corey Bearak

Corey Bearak
Government & Public Affairs Counsel Government & Public Affairs Counsel Corey Bearak
(718) 343-6779

Joshua Zinder

Joshua Zinder
Principal Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design

Fred Klein

Fred Klein
Senior Partner Klein Zelman Rothermel Jacobs & Schess LLP
212 935 6020


Group Coordinator
Shelley Simpson