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Date start06.06.2023 05:00 PM
Date end06.06.2023 07:00 PM
Fred Klein
Counsel, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP 1350 Broadway, 11th floor
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Featured Event

Gotham 2nd Annual Pizza Crawl 


Rockaway Pizza has Arrived! The people have spoken!  This February, the Queens Chamber of Commerce sponsored “The Best Pizza in Queens Contest” and 3 Rockaway Pizzerias ranked #1,#2 and #9 respectively.


The Elite 8: 8 Gothamites will visit All 3 winners, in reverse order!

This beachfront community is also the home of a burgeoning foodie scene.  

Robert will discuss the evolving of Rockaway Beach (his Hometown) food and the history of New York Pizza!  The group will experience a multitude of different slices created from 3 different style ovens.  


This is the “anti-crawl” as there will be very little walking this time. 


Meeting Address: 

Pizza on the Point

202-20 Rockaway Point Blvd 

Queen, NY 11697

Specifically in the right-hand corner of the parking lot in front of the lumber store.


  1. Pizza on the Point- Our first stop is at Pizza on the Point, meaning Breezy Point!  We park in the strip-mall parking lot and sample Michael Fiore’s creations including a “special slice” that will remain a secret until 6/6.  Michael Fiore also has catering experience with Seinfeld and Fallon as clients and “POP” features 4 different sauces.
  2. Pizza D’Amore- aka “Pizza of Love” is stop 2 as we carpool and take a 10-minute drive from Breezy Point to neighboring Rockaway Beach on 116th st. Created by Frank Scollo, who has a Mill Basin Street named after him, the Elite 8 will sample 2 different delicious slices.
  3. Rocco’s of Roc BeachWe walk around the corner for the Grand Finale!  The Winner of Best Pizza in Queens!  Enjoy a full sit-down family-style dinner in their back party room with salads, appetizers, main courses and multiple pizza samplings and dessert prepared by 5-star Chef Bruno Milone, of Il Mulino fame!  


There is an 8-person limit.  $85 per person, alcohol billed separately.  

Register now as there are only a few spots left! 

Group Chairperson
Nancy Schess

Nancy Schess
Partner Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP
212 574-0310

Fred Klein

Fred Klein
Counsel Tarter Krinsky & Drogin, LLP


Group Coordinator
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